Steering Tie Rod End  Both Sides
Steering Tie Rod End  Both Sides
Steering Tie Rod End  Both Sides
Steering Tie Rod End  Both Sides
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Steering Tie Rod End Both Sides

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Steering Tie Rod End Both Sides

High quality aftermarket Steering tie rod bush to replace your old one. This part is used in workshops nationwide!

Fitment information

2500 1977 3.0L l6
2500 1976 3.0L l6
2500 1975 3.0L l6
325xi 2005 2.5L l6
325xi 2004 2.5L l6
325xi 2003 2.5L l6
325xi 2002 2.5L l6
325xi 2001 2.5L l6
330xi 2004 3.0L l6
330xi 2003 3.0L l6
330xi 2002 3.0L l6
330xi 2001 3.0L l6
M5 2009 5.0L V10
M5 2008 5.0L V10
M5 2007 5.0L V10
M5 2006 5.0L V10
X5 2007 4.4L V8
X5 2007 4.8L V8
X5 2006 3.0L l6
X5 2006 4.4L V8
X5 2006 4.8L V8
X5 2005 3.0L l6
X5 2005 4.4L V8
X5 2005 4.8L V8
X5 2004 3.0L l6
X5 2004 4.4L V8
X5 2004 4.8L V8
X5 2003 3.0L l6
X5 2003 4.4L V8
X5 2003 4.6L V8
X5 2002 3.0L l6
X5 2002 4.4L V8
X5 2002 4.6L V8
X5 2001 3.0L l6
X5 2001 4.4L V8
X5 2000 3.0L l6
X5 2000 4.4L V8
X5 1999 3.0L l6

3 Series, 5 Series, E3, E46, E53, E61
Fitment information
  • BMW X5 2007 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2006 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2005 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2004 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2003 3.0L l6
  • BMW X5 2003 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2002 3.0L l6
  • BMW X5 2002 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2001 3.0L l6
  • BMW X5 2001 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 2000 3.0L l6
  • BMW X5 2000 4.4L V8
  • BMW X5 1999 3.0L l6


Chassis numbers

Engine codes

M54B30, M57D30, M62B44TU, N62B44, N62B44A

Body types
  • SUV
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This product is a quality aftermarket alternative used in workshops around New Zealand.

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