Ignition Coil - 04E905110L
Ignition Coil - 04E905110L
Ignition Coil - 04E905110L
Ignition Coil - 04E905110L
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Ignition Coil - 04E905110L

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Ignition Coil - 04E905110L
IGNITION COIL, 04E905110L, FS3049

Genuine part # 04E905110L
High quality aftermarket Ignition coil to replace your old one. This part is used in countries around the country.

A1 1.0T 1.4T (2012-)
A3 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T (2012-)
A4 1.4T (2015-)
A5 1.4T (2016-)
Q2 1.0T 1.4T (2016-
Q3 1.4T (2013-)

BEETLE 1.2T 1.4T (2014-)
CADDY 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T 1.6L (2015-)
CC 1.4T (2015-2016)
GOLF VI VII 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T 1.6L (2012-)
JETTA IV 1.4T (2011-)
LOAD UP 1.0T (2014-)
PASSAT 1.4T (2014-)
POLO 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T 1.6L (2012-)
SHARAN 1.4T (2015-)
TIGUAN 1.4T (2015-)
TOURAN 1.2T 1.4T (2015-)
UP 1.0T (2011-)

CITIGO 1.0T (2011-)
FABIA II 1.0T 1.2T 1.6L (2014-)
KODIAQ 1.4T (2016-)
III 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T 1.6L (2012-)
1.2T 1.6L (2015-)
SUPERB III 1.4T (2015-)
YETI 1.2T 1.4T 1.6L (2014-)

ALHAMBRA 1.4T (2015-)
ATECA 1.0T 1.4T (2016-)
IBIZA IV 1.0T 1.2T1.4T (2013-)
LEON 1.0T 1.2T 1.4T (2012-)
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This product is a quality aftermarket alternative used in workshops around New Zealand.

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