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ENGINE MTG, 22116779970
ENGINE MTG, 22116779970
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ENGINE MTG, 22116779970

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ENGINE MTG, 22116779970
ENGINE MTG, 22116779970
-----Fitment Information-----
BMW 320Ci 1999-2007
BMW 320i 1990-2005
BMW 323Ci 1999-2000
BMW 323i 1995-2000
BMW 323ti 1997-2000
BMW 325Ci 2000-2007
BMW 325i 1990-2005
BMW 325ti 2001-2005
BMW 328Ci 1999-2000
BMW 328i 1994-2000
BMW 330Ci 2000-2007
BMW 330i 2000-2005
BMW Z4 2003-2005
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This product is a quality aftermarket alternative used in workshops around New Zealand.

Fitment is a guide only, please provide your registration number at the checkout for us to ensure an exact fit.

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